Clergy Requests for Canonical Permission

Metropolis Clergy Requesting to be Absent from the Metropolis of Denver

Metropolis Clergy who wish to be absent from the Metropolis of Denver must follow the directions here.

Non-Metropolis Clergy Requesting Permission to Enter the Metropolis of Denver

Clergy, from other Metropolises, who wish to visit the Metropolis of Denver must follow the directions here.

Clergy Resources

GOA Clergy Couple Care Website

The purpose of the GOA Clergy Couple Care website is to provided priests, presvyteres, and clergy couples resources for navigating the many challenges they face in regard to personal self-care, marriage and family life.  Thus, you will find resources specifically for the priest and others for the presvytera, and other resources for both.

Clergy Benefits

To address the temporal needs of our clergy the Archdiocese Benefits Committee was established to direct and manage the Archdiocesan Benefits Program for clergy and lay employees.

Orthodox HealthPlan

The Orthodox HealthPlan is a group policy that provides benefits for the clergy and lay employees of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and other Orthodox jurisdictions in the United States of America.

Confidential Assistance Program (CAP)

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese is pleased to offer you access to the Confidential Assistance Program (CAP), which is a no-cost service available to help you with the issues that you or your family may face at different times in your life. It's your source for support, resources and information. CAP also can offer personalized, relevant information based on your needs.

Clergy Communications Privilege

This pages has excerpts from the statutes of states within the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver, which delineate what communications held between clergy and parishioners may be considered privileged and confidential.

Clergy Legal Resources

Archdiocese Sexual Misconduct Policy  

Telephone Hotline:  877-554-3382
Chancellor's Office:  212-570-3513