Development Fund Development Fund

The Development Office of the Metropolis of Denver is working diligently to support your parish, and all 50 parishes that serve nearly 30,000 parishioners throughout our 14 state regions.

Advocates 1000  

Established in 2003, Advocates 1000 is a devoted group of faithful stewards of the Church who are committed to supporting the growth and needs of our parishes throughout the Metropolis of Denver.  Advocates 1000 serves to help the Church to advance our ancient faith and to share it with today’s modern society.  This is accomplished by:

Strengthening Parishes and Ministries;
Mentoring Clergy & Lay Leaders;
Growing Orthodox Christianity;
Supporting  Local Parish Ministries.


Metropolis Development Fund 

The Metropolis Development Fund was established in October 2016. It is a restricted account meant to receive larger gifts in order to support and enhance the clergy pool and support staff resources.

Short Term Support & Goals:
Support Missions & Evangelism Missions
Operating Expenses
Incremental Staffing
Clergy Resource Pool

Long Term Goals:
Clergy Programs
New Parish Development
Metro Center Perpetual Care
Parish Contingency Funding


Estate Giving  


Endowment Fund