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Parish Council elections cannot be ratified, and the newly-elected members cannot take the Affirmation of Office nor serve as council members, unless the parish annual Total Commitment allocation has been remitted to the Archdiocese in full.

The 2006 Clergy-Laity Congress held in Nashville, Tennessee, approved a new paradigm for funding the National Ministries of the Archdiocese and for calculating the National Ministries Commitment obligation that each parish has toward the Archdiocese and its Metropolis. These procedures were reiterated at the 2008 Clergy-Laity Congress in Washington, DC.

In summary, the Archdiocese Finance Committee assesses an annual amount to each Metropolis and to the Archdiocesan District to fund the Archdiocese budget. This amount is the minimum that must be remitted from the parishes of the metropolis.

The amount assessed to the metropolis is then apportioned to the parishes based on their actual expenses. After receiving budget reports from all parishes, the aggregate is calculated, and each parish's proportion of that aggregate is calculated. This proportion is used to determine their allocation of the metropolis assessment.

Each parish must therefore submit an Adjusted Expenses Calculation Form each year by May 31. The Metropolis will calculate the proportionate share for each parish and publish a list of Total Commitment allocations. An appeal regarding a parish allocation must be submitted to the metropolis immediately thereafter. The final allocation list will then be published.

Guidance regarding these procedures are contained in the Metropolis Allocation Manual, issued by the Archdiocese Finance Committee.

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