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Administrative Guidelines for Parish Council Elections   
Official Parish Council Election Forms Packet 
Uniform Parish Regulations

About Parish Council Elections in the Metropolis of Denver
Members of the Parish Council are elected by their fellow parishioners in accordance with the Uniform Parish Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Specific procedures to be followed in conducting these elections are issued annually by His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver.

The election of the members of the Parish Council takes place no earlier than the first Sunday in November, and no later than the second Sunday in December.

Only parishioners in good canonical standing may be candidates for election to the Parish Council. Likewise, only parishioners in good canonical standing can vote in the elections.

The Parish Priest is responsible for ensuring that all required forms are filled out completely and submitted to the Metropolitan for ratification in a timely manner.

All Parish Council members must be ratified by the Metropolitan before they can receive the Affirmation of Office and serve on the Council.

Required Forms in the Parish Council Election Packet
All of the following forms must be submitted by the parish priest to the Metropolitan for the elections to be ratified.  Each form must be properly completed, signed, and dated before being submitted:

  • Official Parish Council Election Results Checklist

  • Election Report Form

  • Parish Council Candidate Seminar Particpants Form

  • Parish Council Candidate Disclosure Statement (from each candidate)

  • 2021 Parish Council Roster

  • Parish Financial Report Form (with 2019 Financial Statement, 2019 Balance Sheet, and 2021 Budget)

  • Parish Roster

Official Parish Council Election Forms Packet 

Required Form After the Parish Council has been Ratified 

The following form must be submitted by the parish priest to the Metropolitan after the elections have been be ratified, and after the new and continuing Parish Council Members have received the Affirmation of Office from the Priest following the Sunday Divine Liturgy.

Parish Council Transmittal Form


Whenever there is a vacancy on the Parish Council, the Council elects a member in good standing from the parish to fill that seat (see 2017 UPR Article 25, Section 10). This election is submitted to the Metropolitan for ratification. A Candidate Disclosure Form and verification from teh Parish Priest that the candidate has attended the required Candidate Seminar is required.