The Archdiocese Finance Committee, which is a standing committee of the Archdiocesan Council, is comprised of volunteers from across the county as well as members from the Archdiocesan Council. The 2004 Clergy Laity Congress set forth a charge to the Archdiocesan Finance Committee to develop an equitable system of allocating and collecting the funds from parishes needed for the Archdiocese and Metropolises. As a result, the Archdiocese has experienced positive results in many areas of finance. The Finance Committee works closely with Archdiocese administration and staff to implement many changes regarding the financial activities of the Archdiocese. As part of the charge by the 2004 Clergy Laity Congress, the Archdiocese Finance Committee developed and submitted an improved assessment process to the 2006 ClergyLaity Congress held in Nashville. The process was adopted by the Congress and has been implemented in all Metropolises and the Archdiocesan District beginning with the calendar year 2007 parish allocations. Appendix D shows the resolution adopted by the Congress.

For the allocation process to be successful, the parishes must provide the Metropolis with accurate information concerning their total and detailed expenditures. In particular, those expenditures that will be deducted from the total expenditures must be detailed. If parishes are to be committed to providing this accurate information on a timely basis, representatives of these parishes must be actively involved in the major decisions and understand all aspects of the allocation process.

The process begins with each parish completing the form accurately with the appropriate documentation. Each parish allocation form is reviewed by the respective Metropolis Finance Committee; members of this committee are well versed in the completion of these Allocation Forms. The final step is the Archdiocese level review that is intended to ensure that all parishes throughout the United States are preparing the forms similarly. Perhaps the most important reason for reviewing parish reports and providing feedback to the parishes is to help the parishes learn good techniques for reporting and tracking their finances. Not only does this help safeguard the parish’s resources, it can also help the parish make better financial decisions

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