Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver

The Metropolis of Denver is working diligently to support your parish, and all 50 parishes that serve nearly 30,000 parishioners throughout our 14 state region.

About the Advocates Program

Established in 2003, Advocates is supported by a devoted group of faithful stewards of the Church who are committed to the growth and needs of our parishes throughout the Metropolis of Denver.  Advocates serves to help the Church to advance our ancient faith and to share it with today’s modern society.  This is accomplished by:

  • Strengthening  Parishes and Ministries
  • Mentoring  Clergy & Lay Leaders
  • Growing  Orthodox Christianity
  • Supporting   Local Parish Ministries


Strengthening  Parishes and  Ministries

Advocates support enriches parishes and their ministries by providing resources and administrative support.


Mentoring  Clergy & Lay Leaders

Advocates support assists in attracting and mentoring clergy, as well as lay leaders, so that they are best prepared to advance and strengthen our Orthodox Faith.


Growing  Orthodox Christianity

Advocates support enhances the opportunity for parishes to experience tangible and spiritual growth through missions and outreach ministries.


Supporting  Local Parish Ministries

Advocates support provides the Metropolis with administrative expertise and other resources to assist parishes toward optimal health and growth for the benefit of their faithful members.


Individuals, couples, church organizations, and parishes are encouraged to become Stewards of Advocates by contributing $1,000 or more yearly to this vital Metropolis Fund.  The full-color brochure provides additional information and a pledge form.  Donations can be made by check or credit card, and can be contributed monthly, quarterly, or in full.  Credit card information will remain on file from year to year, unless the contributor informs us in writing to opt out of the Advocates program.


Advocates contributions may be sent to the address below.

The Advocates Program
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver
4550 East Alameda Avenue
Denver, Colorado  80246