Writings of His Eminence Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver
We know that from the Apostolic age the Church has been attacked from outside enemies but also from within.
Address Delivered at the 18th Triennial Church Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Unites States of America and Canada
Address Delivered at the 19th Triennial Church Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Unites States of America and Canada
Through the practice of fasting the Christian discerns two values in life, the one which is identified only with the world, and the other which promises eternal benefits in God's Kingdom.
Even though Orthodox Christianity initially came to the New World as a missionary endeavor, it soon was transformed into an immigrant movement due to a large influx of Greeks, Russians, Syrians,...
From the teachings of the Orthodox Church we believe that all misbehavior of one form or another is sin, meaning that it is contrary to the divine will.
In order for us to enter into the subject dealing with the impact or the influence of Islam upon Orthodox Christianity, we must first have a general overview of this religion which appeared in the...
The more one compares the English translations with the original Greek regarding the Divine Liturgy, the more...
The Holy Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary has been exalted above all intellectual creation in the heavens and here on earth.
For almost 2,000 years the commemoration and celebration of the birth of the Only-Begotten Son of the Father has brought great joy and unfading hope to the hearts of untold numbers of people
Putting aside both the scriptural and the non-scriptural highlights of the film, "The Passion of Christ", the arguments concerning the movie come down to the suffering of Christ on the one hand and...
The Lord Jesus Christ gave birth to His Holy Church, which has given eternal life to its people and continues to do so even to the day when He returns in glory as the Bridegroom of the Church...
Regarding the attempt in Ligonier to bring all canonical Orthodox jurisdictions under one umbrella
On the basis of our faith, we are concerned with God's entrance into the world and the unique role that the Ever-Virgin Mary accepted regarding our salvation.
The Church has always taught that for one to find one’s true identity, such a person must try to emulate Christ the Lord through a life of prayer with love for God.  Saint Paul is a perfect...
a bombing campaign against Yugoslavia on a consecutive twenty-four hour basis for a total of seventy-eight days and nights without pause.
For the Orthodox Church, the End Times portending the end of this age began with the preaching of the First Forerunner, John the Baptist
As we enter more and more into this third millennium, we have begun to witness increasing natural and man-made disasters. What does this mean to us?
When our Lord ascended into the heavens after His resurrection, He left to His followers the promise of His glorious return.

Metropolitan Isaiah