Mysteries of Baptism and Chrismation

Beta versions of the Fillable PDFs of the new Digital Baptismal Certificates and Chrismation Certificates are now available. Please email [email protected] to obtain Certificate Numbers and the Fillable PDF forms of the Certificates. We are no longer having Baptismal Certificates and Chrismation Certificates printed, only the digital versions are available moving forward.


Pastoral and Administrative Guidelines for Baptism

Archdiocese Guidelines for Baptisms
A person who wishes to sponsor a candidate for Baptism or Chrismation must be an Orthodox Christian in good standing and a supporting member of an Orthodox parish.

A person may not serve as a godparent if the Church has not blessed his or her marriage or, if civilly divorced, he or she has not been granted an ecclesiastical divorce, or for any other reason he or she is not in communion with the Orthodox Church.

Baptisms may not be performed:

  • From Christmas Day through the Feast of Theophany (December 25-January 6);

  • During Holy Week; or

  • On any of the Great Feast days of the Lord.

Metropolis Guidelines for Baptisms
The Metropolis Registry Office provides the following guidelines to assist Parish Priests in the administration of the Sacraments of Baptism and Chrismation: